Does it cost money?

If you’re shipping in the US then absolutely not! The shipping labels are prepaid, thanks to our generous partner EcoPhones. If you wish to donate from outside the US, email us at hello@phones4freedom.org to explore possibilities.

Does my phone's condition matter?

Doesn’t matter one bit. Send us any and all phones, beat up and old. Our recycling partner will take care of them. What happens to my phone? We have partnered up with EcoPhones to recycle and process your phone. They will either refurbish or fully recycle the phone. Phones4Freedom will receive “credits” or “points” for every phone you send it, which will then allow us to purchase appropriate phones for our anti-trafficking advocates and anti-trafficking networks around the world. 100% of the value of your cell phone is used to obtain the right phones for the networks.

How can I start a collection campaign at my place of business, school, place of worship etc?

Email us at hello@phones4freedom.org with details about your ideas. We will send you a kit with everything you need to start your own collection campaign. This will include a unique shipping label for you so we can track how many phones are donated through your campaign. In addition, we’ll send a collection box and fundraising kit including handy flyers and images for your use. 

I have personal information on my phone, how do I get rid of it?

  Removing your SIM chip is step 1. This will remove all contacts. However, you may still have contacts, notes, and pictures saved on your phone’s memory. In order to remove it, can follow the instructions here OR EcoPhones will do it for you!

I have more electronics at home. Can I recycle and donate them?

  You sure can! EcoPhones has expanded their recycling categories to include laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders and gaming systems. You may use the same shipping label to send those as well. Freedom Connect will receive credits for all electronics donated and recycled.