About Us

In the developing world, a lack of regular channels to information and resources prevents city-based anti-trafficking advocates from providing adequate resources to rural and at-risk communities. As advocates travel from cities to do outreach education to isolated/vulnerable regions, they are often remain disconnected from those who are in critical need of regular communication. The mission of Freedom Connect’s Freedom SMS Project is to advance anti-trafficking networks in underserved communities using innovative mobile technology. Helpline SMS Networks consist of: NGOs, legal advocates, social service providers, law enforcement, and other key stake holders who act as first responders in a trafficking case. The Helpline SMS Network is able to use this mobile network to regularly stay in touch with rural communities vulnerable to human trafficking, provide regular updates and information at a low cost, and respond to emergencies and prevent trafficking. We’re using Frontline SMS, a free open-source platform that enables large-scale, two-way text messaging using only a laptop, GSM modem and inexpensive cell phones. By using this technique, we are preventing slavery and human trafficking one text at a time!

By Donating to Phones4Freedom, Freedom Connect will earn “points” or “credits” to purchase the appropriate mobile equipment for Freedom SMS anti-trafficking networks. The average donated phone in the US will allow us to purchase 2-3 phones. You can also donate old digital cameras and mp3 players. No chargers or plugs required. Send in your phone today!